Sony A7III Video Camera

Get Sony A7III At Amazon Now!

Get Sony A7III At Amazon Now!

5 Reasons To Chose The Sony A7III...

  • #1 Highly Customizable Design with an Ergonomic Body: All the buttons, wheels, dials and controls on the Sony A7 III are fully customizable. Assigning a function to each button is a simple matter of selecting an option from a list on the high-resolution tilting LCD touchscreen.

    The customizable wheels, dials and joystick make shooting with the Sony A7 III a pleasure. Its ergonomic design helps to balance the weight of the camera in your hands while you adjust the settings for your shot. These easily accessible controls come in handy when the perfect photo opportunity unexpectedly arises.

    One of the best features of the Sony A7 III is the joystick, which enables you to manually adjust the focal point of your shot. Although the A7 III includes Sony’s impeccable autofocus technology, some shots will always turn out better with a manual focus. Whether you use the joystick or the touchscreen, setting the focal point of your shot should be effortless.

  • #2 Outstanding Image Quality: The Sony A7 III captures 35-millimeter, full-frame images with 24.2-megapixel resolution. It features a sensitivity range as high as ISO 51,200, meaning it can capture high-resolution images in very low-light settings without any graininess.

    For dynamic photo shoots with fast-paced action, such as sports events or dance recitals, the A7 III offers ideal continuous shooting capabilities. With up to 10 frames per second of continuous shooting, you can capture your subject from every angle without missing any of the drama.

    When it comes to video, the A7 III is a powerhouse with support for 4K high-definition movie recording. It’s perfect for recording B-roll video for all kinds of digital movies. The customizable buttons and dials on the A7 III make it easy to switch between capturing video and still frames.

  • #3 The battery life is incredible: The rechargeable battery of the A7 III holds a charge for much longer than most other cameras in its price range. During photo shoots, you can expect to capture up to 710 pictures on a single charge.

    Because the A7 III is a mirrorless camera, it uses slightly more battery power with the viewfinder than the LCD touchscreen. When using the viewfinder to capture images, the A7 III can take up to 610 pictures on one charge.

  • #4 It’s one of the most affordable mirrorless, full-frame cameras on the market: The A7 III offers more capabilities than most other mirrorless, full-frame cameras in its price range. It’s a versatile camera that works equally well taking landscape pictures as shooting urban photography. It’s the perfect camera for wedding photographers looking for spontaneous subject matter as well as staged shots.

  • #5 It uses Sony’s famously excellent autofocus technology: Whether you’re photographing wildlife or a fashion model, the continuous shooting feature works seamlessly with the AF function to ensure that every shot is perfectly focused. Sony’s proprietary AF technology features in-body stabilization to keep your camera steady even without a tripod. This feature makes it easy to capture spur-of-the-moment shots whether you’re in the studio or on location.

    The high quality of Sony’s AF technology is obvious to anyone shooting in continuous mode on the A7 III. With its vibration reduction and in-body stabilization, the A7 III eliminates unwanted blurring and shaking from photos and videos.

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