Canon EOS R5 Video Camera

Get Canon EOS R5 At Amazon Now!

Get Canon EOS R5 At Amazon Now!

5 Reasons To Chose The Canon EOS R5...

  • #1 The Specs Are Spectacular: Whether you're shooting studio portraits or athletes in action, impressive specs make it easier. The Canon EOS R5 camera gives you the advantage of a full frame sensor that performs beautifully regardless of lighting or depth of field.

    It delivers exactly what you need with these professional grade specs:
  • Full-frame 45-megapixel sensor for maximum detail
  • Twelve frames per second with the mechanical shutter
  • Twenty frames per second with the electronic shutter
  • Average 320 shots CIPA rating using the electronic viewfinder
  • Major upgrade of capabilities with 8K RAW video
  • Video options also include HDR PQ or 10-bit 4:2:2 C-log
  • Wi-FI, Bluetooth and FTP connectivity

  • #2 It's Designed to Fit: Your camera has to fit your process at weddings, on commercial shoots and inside concert venues. The Canon R5 keeps you comfortable in every setting with ergonomic design features that keep you confidently in control.

    Intuitive dials and buttons are configured so that their use quickly becomes second nature. That same attention to detail makes operating this model's touchscreen a seamless experience. Its uncluttered menu interface simplifies and streamlines navigation.

    The Canon EOS R5 serves as your top of the line tool in the studio and on the road. Wherever the job takes you, you're ready with a camera that always feels natural in your hands.

  • #3 The EVF Upgrades Efficiency: If you need a nudge away from optical viewfinders, consider the clear advantages of Canon's electronic viewfinder. This mirrorless camera delivers full-frame digital display directly from the 45-megapixel sensor.

    LCD display is smoothly integrated into the camera's design as an angled 3.2-inch touchscreen. You may forget it's a screen as you check enhanced exposure previews. Enjoy higher resolutions, better refresh rates and greater detail, all major improvements over earlier models.

  • #4 You Make Autofocus Perfect: Even before you customize settings, the camera's autofocus is powerful. Fine-tune it to your process, and autofocus moves very close to perfect. Give credit to Canon's Dual Pixel II AF system with 100% coverage.

    Autofocus on this level frees you up to concentrate on the project at hand, but this model elevates AF to another level. Its deep-learning capability sets it apart from other EOS cameras with both human and animal face and eye tracking.

  • #5 You Control Connectivity: The camera's touchscreen interface includes access to connectivity and cross-device communication. You control online navigation through built-in 5Ghz Wi-Fi, FTP and FTPS support with customizable setting configurations.

    You can also take advantage of Canon's cloud services featuring seamless transfers, 30-day free storage and automatic backup options. The Canon EOS R5 is the first of its kind that can automatically upload your data and synch images with your computer. This kind of workflow storage management is a perfect fit for professional photographers.

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